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Tewkesbury Road, Cheltenham, England GL51 9DT
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+44 1242 534730

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Bristol Street Motors Mazda Cheltenham

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  • Barry Cooke
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Wasted 2 hours at the showroom, looked at a Mazda 6 over the end of May Bank holiday as there was an offer of £1000 discount. I looked over the car and went for a test drive. When we got back from the test drive and still in the car I asked the sales girl if she would take an offer on the car, a bit cheeky as it had already been discounted by £1000. She said she couldn't as someone else wanted the car and had contacted them just before we went for the test drive. I agreed to buy it for the asking price. All going great so far but that was soon to end. I offered to pay the deposit on my credit card and the balance with a bank transfer. The sales girl agreed to this and said she would get me their bank details shortly. She first had to show me finance details even though I did'nt want finance, strange I thought but let her to get on with her well rehersed patter. It was just an excuse to push a diamond bright finish for £299 and a 3 year extended warenty for £200 per year. I told her I didn't want either and can I just pay the deposit as we were a bit short of time and had things to do. She disappeared then into a side office, to get the paperwork and card machine I assumed. After a 10 minute wait the sales manager made an appearance to introduce himself, or so he said. All he wanted to do was push the diamond bright finish and the extended warenty, and did he push. I repeatedly said that I didn't want either. Eventually he gave up and dispeared into the side office. Another 10 minute wait, we were getting a bit anxious as I was getting late for my midday dialysis exchange and my wife had to pick up our granddaughter from school. Eventually the manager and sales girl both appeared from the office and told us someone had just paid a deposit on the car. How is this possible I asked, when you have customers here that have already said they want it and have repeatedly asked to pay a deposit. I think I know the reason, we didn't want the £900 bells and whistles so they took a deposit from the other person who wanted the car. We left disgusted with the treatment we received.
    A few days later we were contacted by the new car sales manager who told us that he had been tasked to find out why we had left such a bad review. I explained exactly what had happened which I had said on my review. He agreed that we were treated very badly and said he was going to organise an internal investigation to see what had gone wrong. This sounded promising I thought. He phoned back the following day and told me he had talked to the sales girl who had confirmed everything I had said in my review. He told me he still had to talk to the sales manager when he returned from holiday. He would then let me know how someone was able to jump in and pay a deposit when I had agreed to purchase the car and would offer me another similar Mazda 6 at a discounted price. This sounded reasonable I thought and even considered deleting this review. Just as well I didn't remove the review, I never did get that call back from the new cars sales manager. I shouldn't be surprised, after all at the end of the day he is just another car salesman. Just tried to alter my one star to zero but unfortunately unable to.
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